SUPER SUPREMATISM is a COH album released in edition of 33 numbered and signed copies. The box contains a CD-R and nine offset printed cards - these are a series of nine text sketches made in 2000-2001 to celebrate the work and the spirit of Kazimir Malevich. The nine pieces of music have been recorded in 2007 to illustrate each of the sketches. An additional music piece (track No.10) is dedicated to the people whose trust and support made the publication possible: Andrij Kopytko, Arild Strømsvåg, Aymeric Lozet, Christina Frank, Claus Laufenburg, Doug Roark, Gregg Smith, Kenn Kirby, Lava, Ludovic Trocmé, Massimo & Pierce, Nigel R. Smith, Praveer Baijal, Robert Brown, Rob Tebworth, Steve Theisinger and Sandro Liebscher. The edition is limited to 33 numbered copies. Of which 13 are for sale as follows: COPY #19 EUR50 [sold] COPY #20 EUR55 [sold] COPY #21 EUR60 [sold] COPY #22 EUR65 [sold] COPY #24 EUR70 [sold] COPY #25 EUR75 [sold] COPY #26 EUR80 [sold] COPY #27 EUR85 [sold] COPY #28 EUR90 [sold] COPY #29 EUR95 [sold] COPY #30 EUR100 [sold] COPY #31 EUR200 [sold] COPY #32 EUR300 [sold] The prices above include shipping with registered air-mail anywhere in the world. To purchase your copy, please write to: