COH 'SOL' seasonal meditations on AR 2192 Limited edition of 44 CD copies with hand-made artwork, facilitated with help of blockchain technology. The album consists of four compositions consequentially published as Solana NFTs, each in edition of 44, during the astronomical events of 2023: 1. fiat sol          10:50 > Vernal Equinox; 20.03 22:24 CET 2. nox siderea;             > Summer Solstice; 21.06 16:57 CET 3. sit aurum               > Autumnal Equinox; 23.09 8:49 CET 4. in somno                > Winter Solstice; 22.12 4:27 CET Using blockchain as a crowdfunding mechanism to finance manufacture and distribution of the release, first holders of all four NFTs are entitled to a physical copy produced at the end of the year. If only to compensate for modernity of the ownership technology, the aesthetics of SOL is intentionally archaic and contemplative, reflecting upon the relationship between dark and light of the Sun, with graphic illustrations borrowed from the alchemical works of Robert Fludd [1574-1637]. The first track 'fiat sol' will be available from ninaprotocol.com on March 20th, 2023 at 22:24 CET. NOTE: The website requires a Solana wallet to connect. Use, for example, Phantom Wallet, which can be installed as a browser extension or a phone app from phantom.app