COH LIVE AT GES-2 is a live recording from the now epic event GEOMETRY OF NOW at Moscow's former power plant in the city center. The festival took place in 2017 before the conversion of the disfunctional building into House Of Culture, Moscow's ambitious version of London's Tate Modern. The recording has been published in 2022 by Koo Editions, a curated platform for art documentary and electronic music. The art edition is limited to 15 copies, each featuring a unqiue ink & pencil drawing executed directly on the CD package, signed, numbered and stamped. 12 of these are available for sale as follows: COPY #04 EUR33 [sold] COPY #05 EUR35 [sold] COPY #06 EUR37 [sold] COPY #07 EUR39 [sold] COPY #08 EUR42 [sold] COPY #09 EUR45 [sold] COPY #10 EUR48 [sold] COPY #11 EUR51 [sold] COPY #12 EUR55 [sold] COPY #13 EUR60 [sold] COPY #14 EUR65 [sold] COPY #15 EUR70 [sold] The prices above include air-mail shipping to anywhere in the world. To reserve a copy write to:
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Please note that copies are sold in the order of incoming e-mails, which are likely to arrive quicker than this page is updated, which means the copy you have been considering might have already been sold. In this case the next copy in the list will be reserved for you, at the respective price.