COH 'SOISONG' EP Track listing: 1. 2012                           [12:20] 2. AEIVAA                        [07:25] 3. BAYA-KANM, [WHERE ARE YOU?]    [04:05] Written and recorded by Ivan Pavlov/COH in 2010/2012 A part of SOISONG SPLIT project, intended for release in 2010. The original was meant to consist of two records - COH 'SOISONG' EP and SLEAZY 'SOISONG' EP, each respectively representing personal understanding of SOISONG's aesthetics and vision of the future sound of the collective. CD edition was produced in 2012 and launched at the Sound Portal installation on Trafalgar Square in London, UK. The vinyl version has been produced in 2016 with generous help of hallowground.com, in edition of 88 copies. Sleazy's 'SOISONG' EP has never been finished, however four of his previously unpublished sketches are available for download at www.soisong.com